2017, scene 2 acover

2017, the story concludes…

This year my time has been divided almost exactly equally between shooting/editing weddings and looking after Imae, our little 2-year-old firecracker; blogging has taken a very comfortable back seat!

About 6 months ago I did a recap from the first half of the season, which was a great way for me to share just a few of the lovely moments I’ve had the honour of capturing this year; if you missed it, take a peek here – 2017 part 1. Since then, I’ve blogged twice I think? To be fair, I’ve also shot a further 15 weddings and, a few days before Christmas, my lovely wife Sinead gave birth to Imae’s little sister, Quinn, so all the things have been happening!

In this second part of the year, I found myself in Hastings, Canterbury, Cambridge and many spots in and around good old Surrey. Just like my last few years, I’ve been super lucky this year with some gorgeous, really lovely couples, some amazing venues and many joy-filled, beautiful weddings.

Thanks so, so much to everyone that had me along this year, and I can’t wait to get started on 2018’s highlights! :)

Enjoy this little video; chuck the sounds on, full-screen it and make sure it’s in HD! Cx

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