2017: the story so far... photo collage 2

2017 mid-season review

It doesn’t take a hacker to see that the most recent wedding I’ve blogged was from December last year… I’m not going to come up with some trite excuse; it’s been an extremely busy year, and delivering photos to couples on time is always my number one priority. However, it’s a real pain as I’ve been involved with some phenomenal weddings this year already, and I’d love to be sharing more with you!

So I’ve done this instead; a little over 100 images, a few from each of my weddings this year, totally randomly ordered. I’ve shot 18 weddings in 2017 so far, but in here are images from the first 14 of those, as I’m still working on the last 4!

So enough chat; enjoy the photos! Cx

2017 mid-season review

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