Farnham Castle Wedding Photography | Amelia & Ollie 58 best mans speech 1

Farnham Castle Wedding Photography | Amelia & Ollie

Ah, Farnham Castle – what a venue! I was very happy to take this booking last year with Amelia & Ollie; Farnham Castle wedding photography was a mouthwatering prospect, and Amelia and Ollie were a great fun couple! Ollie is an actor, so I’m sure you can well imagine the stage-worthy performance he put on for his groom’s speech! The whole day was perfect; they even got a beautiful 18 degree, sunny day in the middle of May, which we all know can be a changeable time of year!

Farnham Castle host a crazy number of weddings every year. Speaking to the events manager there, apparently they do in the region of 160 weddings a year – that is an average of 3 a week, all year round! That really is a huge amount; I only do 30 weddings a year, and even that can get exhausting during the busy months! But they really do a great job there, the day really did run very smoothly indeed. And in terms of wedding photography there, both the castle and the ground have so much to offer. The grounds are beautifully maintained, and cover nearly the entire circumference of the castle. The front lawn has stunning views over the town of Farnham, and to the back of the castle you have the Keep, which also offers amazing views, and there secluded gardens below it; all beautiful.

Farnham Castle was originally built over 900 years ago, so you can only imagine the extent of its history. It was only in 2012 that they received their full wedding licence, but they’ve been full steam ahead since then! This really was a wedding to remember, and I very much look forward to shooting at Farnham Castle again in the future. Enjoy a few photos from Amelia & Ollie’s beautiful day. Cx

Farnham Castle Wedding Photography | Amelia & Ollie

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