Old Greens Barn Wedding | Holly & Ben 59 Old Greens Barn Wedding

Old Greens Barn Wedding Photography | Holly & Ben

Photography at an Old Greens Barn wedding is really a bit of a treat. The grounds surrounding the barn are seemingly never-ending, and if you’re blessed with some half decent weather, you could wonder arounds for hours finding beautiful little spots for a few photos. We had mixed weather, but Holly brought some welly boots along, so we were knee deep in various grasses and crops regardless of the downpour we’d had earlier in the day.

Poor Holly had been through a nightmare just a month before the wedding, with her dress being delivered in the wrong colour! Amazingly, she managed to find a totally different one which she actually preferred the original, and still had days to spare! Not what you need so close to your big day. Still she looked amazing, and the dress fitted the feel of the day perfectly.

When I’d been to look round the venue a few days before, I’d been fortunate enough to get a little lost and stumble upon a beautiful field in the town of Newdigate, just a 5 minute drive from Old Greens Barn. So at about 8pm we all hopped in my car and went to catch some glorious evening light, and I’m so glad we did! Cx

Old Greens Barn Wedding Photography | Holly & Ben

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