Westmead Events Wedding Photography | Anna & Ben

Westmead Events Wedding Photography | Anna & Ben

What can I say about Westmead Events? Set in the substantial grounds of the owners home, this is the ideal spot to hold a completely customisable wedding. As well as being able to choose a marquee or tipi set up, there is also ample room for camping and a beautiful location for an outdoor ceremony.

Anna & Ben were great fun to work with, as were their guests! These guys were blessed with one of the nicest days of the year and, after a beautiful ceremony and reception, Ben’s best man delivered a speech which still makes me shudder to this day! Funny and inappropriate in almost equal measure! Still makes me chuckle!

Lisa, the owner and wedding coordinator, is lovely and super helpful, so if you’re looking for a fantastic outdoor wedding venue, get in touch with her – and me!! Cx


February 21, 2018

2017, scene 2

2017, the story concludes…

This year my time has been divided almost exactly equally between shooting/editing weddings and looking after Imae, our little 2-year-old firecracker; blogging has taken a very comfortable back seat!

About 6 months ago I did a recap from the first half of the season, which was a great way for me to share just a few of the lovely moments I’ve had the honour of capturing this year; if you missed it, take a peek here – 2017 part 1. Since then, I’ve blogged twice I think? To be fair, I’ve also shot a further 15 weddings and, a few days before Christmas, my lovely wife Sinead gave birth to Imae’s little sister, Quinn, so all the things have been happening!

In this second part of the year, I found myself in Hastings, Canterbury, Cambridge and many spots in and around good old Surrey. Just like my last few years, I’ve been super lucky this year with some gorgeous, really lovely couples, some amazing venues and many joy-filled, beautiful weddings.

Thanks so, so much to everyone that had me along this year, and I can’t wait to get started on 2018’s highlights! :)


January 1, 2018

Veils & Bales Wedding Photography | Charlie & Steve

Veils & Bales wedding photography

Veils & Bales Wedding Photography | Charlie & Steve

This was an awesome wedding, but to be fair, I fully expected it to be. At the start of summer 2016 I shot the wedding of Charlie & Steve’s close friends Hannah and Chris; their wedding was such a lot of fun that I knew these guys wouldn’t disappoint. There were a large number of the same people at both weddings, so it was lovely to see some familiar, happy faces!

Charlie & Steve had done a cracking job with organising the day and had made a huge effort to get the venue looking just perfect, and having all the right people around them made it an extremely memorable day! I hope you enjoy looking through them, I know I enjoyed taking them! Cx


December 7, 2017

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography | Hannah & Ed

Hampton Court House Wedding Photographer

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography | Hannah & Ed

Hampton Court House is one of these very special spots we have in Surrey. If you’ve never been there before, the ‘Hampton Court’ part of the name should give you a little hint as to the sort of place it is. Its garden is Bushy Park… Such a beautiful place. It’s actually a school day-to-day, but they also do a large number of weddings there, much to the pleasure of Hannah and Ed!

After getting married at Christ Church in Esher, we headed over to Hampton Court House for the reception. Even though it was March, we were still able to get outside for a little while for a few couple photos, and we even had a little golden hour!

A beautiful day topped off with some great first-dance skills. Looking forward to going back here soon! Cx


November 18, 2017

2017: the story so far…

2017 mid-season review

It doesn’t take a hacker to see that the most recent wedding I’ve blogged was from December last year… I’m not going to come up with some trite excuse; it’s been an extremely busy year, and delivering photos to couples on time is always my number one priority. However, it’s a real pain as I’ve been involved with some phenomenal weddings this year already, and I’d love to be sharing more with you!

So I’ve done this instead; a little over 100 images, a few from each of my weddings this year, totally randomly ordered. I’ve shot 18 weddings in 2017 so far, but in here are images from the first 14 of those, as I’m still working on the last 4!

So enough chat; enjoy the photos! Cx


August 15, 2017