2017: the story so far…

2017 mid-season review

It doesn’t take a hacker to see that the most recent wedding I’ve blogged was from December last year… I’m not going to come up with some trite excuse; it’s been an extremely busy year, and delivering photos to couples on time is always my number one priority. However, it’s a real pain as I’ve been involved with some phenomenal weddings this year already, and I’d love to be sharing more with you!

So I’ve done this instead; a little over 100 images, a few from each of my weddings this year, totally randomly ordered. I’ve shot 18 weddings in 2017 so far, but in here are images from the first 14 of those, as I’m still working on the last 4!

So enough chat; enjoy the photos! Cx


August 15, 2017

Garden Tipi Wedding | Tobina & Franny

Garden Tipi Wedding | Tobina & Franny

Tobina and Franny got married at a church by her family home in Hampshire, and then had a fantastic tipi arrangement in the garden….. in December…. When I first heard their plans I was a little unsure as to how it would work, but it was amazing! With the space heaters they had – even though it was only 2 degrees outside – it was actually too warm at times!

Along with the tipis and the feather hats for the guests, they also got some African drummers, who were just fantastic entertainment – in fact I thoroughly recommend them if you’re after something a little different! You can find more information about them here – www.one-drum.org

This was an awesome day in so many ways; scroll down and enjoy :) Cx


May 18, 2017

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding | Anna & Chris

Best Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Photography

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Photographer | Anna & Chris

This was a big one. All Nonsuch Mansion weddings are beautiful events, but Anna and Chris’ big day was very emotionally charged for a few reasons, and I felt very honoured to be there to capture everything as it happened.

I’ll leave it at that; enjoy the photos (and don’t miss the double rainbow)! Cx


March 20, 2017

Pembroke Lodge Wedding | Helen & Tom

Pembrook lodge wedding photography

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer | Helen & Tom

Helen and Tom’s early September wedding at Pembroke Lodge did not fall on one of those gorgeous late summer’s days we become so accustomed to… The rain hammered down for almost the whole day! Not ideal for a beautiful venue like Pembroke Lodge which has such lovely outdoor areas and amazing views, but the weather didn’t spoil the day at all. All the rain in the world doesn’t really matter so long as you’re sharing the day with the people you’re closest with. We did get outside eventually, but, if I recall correctly, I think it was 8pm and almost totally dark! This is where top level kit comes into its own. As you’ll se a little further down the page, we still managed to get some lovely couple photos, with the lights of London in the background.

The whole day was later than usual, so after a 9pm first dance, the guests were well-oiled and champing at the bit to get on the dance floor! I have no idea why so many photographers choose to leave straight after the first dance; they miss out on so much! Cx


February 28, 2017

Loseley Park Wedding | Pamela & Jonathan

Loseley Park Wedding

Loseley Park Wedding Photographer | Pamela & Jonathan

Pamela and Jonathan had a beautiful August wedding at the stunning Loseley Park last year.

This. Place. Is. Beautiful.

The Walled Garden, where they had their reception, is amazing. I would hate to see the bill from the gardener! It’s a photographers paradise really; there’s just no shortage of beautiful spots!

Pamela and Jonathan had their ceremony in the main house, which is imposing and impressive. The house is nothing if not unspoiled. Later in the afternoon they moved the party over into the barn, where they held the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Both Pamela and Jonathan are scientists, working in neurobiology, so you can imaging the highbrow level of the speeches! That didn’t stop Pamela’s dad from embarrassing her a few times though :)

All in all it was a perfect day! Here are a few of their highlights; enjoy! Cx


February 19, 2017