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Do we need a second photographer?

For wedding with more than 80 guests, I do recommend having along a second shooter. There is one simple reason for this: more complete coverage for you. I can’t be in two places at once – that is a fact that has plagued me my whole life!

With a second shooter, you get groom prep as well as bride prep even if they’re in different locations; you get front and back coverage during the ceremony without having a photographer making a fuss by moving around a lot; you get much more complete guest coverage during the reception, especially when I’m occupied during the group photos, and you get different perspectives during the couple shoot, the speeches and the dancing in the evening.

Another advantage of the second photographer is the extended back up equipment. I carry a lot of spare kit, but with a second shooter there really is almost no scenario that will leave you without coverage, and this element of peace of mind is invaluable.

Also, having two unobtrusive photographers is actually less noticeable that one, as there’s much less running around, and we just blend into the background.

How many photos?

For a full day I always guarantee 500+, but this often ends up being somewhere around the 600-700 mark.

How unposed is ‘unposed’?

Very. Weddings aren’t photo shoots, and you guys are not models! (well, you might be, but not on your wedding day!) I want you to love looking back at the spontaneous moments captured; not simply remember me asking you to do something again, or to pose putting on earrings etc. Even the couple photos are unposed; I find some nice spots for you two to relax and enjoy a little time alone – this is the only time of the day you’ll get to yourselves!

Unposed is awesome, but what about group shots?

Yes I always do a few group shots. Even if you don’t like the idea of them, they’re important for your parents and grandparents!

I have a handy list of 10 that usually ticks all the important boxes and doesn’t take up too much time on your precious day.

Do you only cover Surrey?

Not at all – I love to travel! Some costs apply for places much further afield, but I always keep these to a bare minimum.

How long to get the photos?

Always within 8 weeks, although usually sooner.

How do we book?

Easily! Pay a £500 deposit, sign my e-contract, have a celebratory drink for a big box ticked off the wedding list! Get in touch!

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