Finding a Wedding Photographer in Surrey

Finding a Wedding Photographer in Surrey

Often, couples get caught up in planning all the visual details of their wedding like the wedding dress, the cake, the decorations, and gifts for members of the bridal party that they overlook the most important part: Selecting the best wedding photographer.

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t forget that the Surrey wedding photographer you choose will be capturing all of the special moments and memories on the most important day of your life! Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to take care to select a wedding photographer Surrey that is right for you. There are no second takes once the day is over!

You already know that wedding photography is one of the most beautiful but challenging styles of professional photography. The Surrey wedding photographer you work with has to ensure everyone looks beautiful, will be shooting pictures in a variety of locations and all possible weather conditions. A great wedding photographer can accomplish all this and do so in a small time period. Also, your wedding photographer should have the right personality to work with you on your happiest day. Take your time selecting your Surrey wedding photographer and follow these suggestions below:

How to Look for a Wedding Photographer in Surrey

The fastest way to find the best Surrey wedding photographer is to ask friends, relatives and coworkers for personal referrals. People who have had great experiences with wedding photographers in Surrey are more than willing to share the contact information of the people with whom they’ve worked. Additionally, because you know the person referring the photographer, you’ll already have an idea of what the photographer’s personality is like!

Gather the names and information of these professionals who provide wedding photography in Surrey and then visit each person’s website. Review their online portfolio thoughtfully, making note of the ones that look appealing. Chances are if you like their styles, that Surrey wedding photographer might be a good fit for you.

What to Ask a Surrey Wedding Photographer

After you’ve reviewed all of the photographer’s websites and have noted the ones you like most, reach out to them on the phone or via email. This is the time to ask preliminary questions like:

  • Are you available on my wedding date?
  • What type of photography work do you specialize in?
  • Do you prefer candid, traditional or journalistic wedding photography?
  • What are your package options?
  • Can you post or email me a list of your packages and rates, along with a la carte options?

You should schedule appointments with any of the photographers you speak to that seem to be right for you and are in your budget range. Don’t discount any photographers whose rates are listed higher than you are able to work within. If you really like their style, they may be able to create a custom package that suits your needs and budget but still gets you the work of a really great Surrey Wedding Photographer.

When you go to an appointment with each wedding photographer in Surrey (preferably with your fiancé), ask to see their portfolios and discuss more details. Find out what they like most about the pictures in their portfolios. You should also ask to see a whole portfolio of wedding photos from a single wedding. A whole wedding’s worth of photos will give you a better idea of what you will be getting, rather than just seeing the ‘highlight reel’ from several events.

You should be able to determine from these photos if the photographer is good at capturing individual personality and the genuine expressions of the people at the event.

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