Hampton Court House Wedding Photographer

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography | Hannah & Ed

Hampton Court House is one of these very special spots we have in Surrey. If you’ve never been there before, the ‘Hampton Court’ part of the name should give you a little hint as to the sort of place it is. Its garden is Bushy Park… Such a beautiful place. It’s actually a school day-to-day, but they also do a large number of weddings there, much to the pleasure of Hannah and Ed!

After getting married at Christ Church in Esher, we headed over to Hampton Court House for the reception. Even though it was March, we were still able to get outside for a little while for a few couple photos, and we even had a little golden hour!

A beautiful day topped off with some great first-dance skills. Looking forward to going back here soon! Cx

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography | Hannah & Ed

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