How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Surrey Wedding Photographer?

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Surrey Wedding Photographer?

It’s always helpful to know how much you should expect to pay for any service for your wedding. Everyone has a different budget to stick to, so here are some questions intended to help prepare you for the costs you might expect to pay for the services of a Surrey wedding photographer:

Wedding photography will take up a significant portion of your wedding budget. Plan accordingly and allocate the appropriate amount of money. It’s important to remember that the memories you’ll look back on will depend heavily on the skills of your Surrey wedding photographer. No one will notice that there weren’t chargers under your plates at dinner, but you will definitely notice if your wedding photographs aren’t as spectacular as you hoped they would be.

A professional wedding photographer in Surrey can cost anywhere from £600 to £4000 or more. Make sure to read the packages and pricing on the website of each Surrey wedding photographer in order to understand what they provide for each price. Every wedding photographer in Surrey is different and provides different levels of service, extras and wedding day coverage.

Adding too many extras such as an additional photographer, more hours of wedding coverage, additional or custom albums and prints will significantly increase the cost of your wedding photography.

If you find a wedding photographer in Surrey that you really love, look at what their packages offer and determine what you need most from your wedding day photographer. Perhaps the photographer can create a custom package that captures the moments of your special day that you like, but eliminates extras that you don’t necessarily. Make sure to find out from the Surrey wedding photographer if you will be able to order additional prints and albums at a later date – offsetting some of the upfront expenses of wedding photography. Paying for the photographer’s skill and talent up front and getting amazing wedding pictures, you can buy some time in order to save some money to get a custom wedding photo album or special prints done after the wedding is over.

Ask the wedding photographer if they provide the proofs or a digital copy of your wedding pictures. More importantly, ask if you have the rights to print the pictures yourself. Some photographers retain the right to the images, and it is, therefore, illegal to print the photos yourself, and some Surrey wedding photographers consider themselves to be artists, not sales people. You definitely need to ask before doing anything with the proofs or raw images provided for you to review.

To that end, when and if you decide to post the images on social media – it would be incredibly considerate only to post photographs that have been watermarked with the photographer’s logo. Many amateur photographers have used more skilled photos in their portfolios as if they took the images themselves. By using only watermarked images in your social media albums you protect future brides and grooms from being fooled by someone pretending to be more experienced than they really are. No one wants to end up with disappointing wedding photos!

More important than the cost of a Surrey wedding photographer is to find someone with whom you’re comfortable and able to be yourself. Having a camera pointed at you can be discomfiting, but when you know the person behind the lens genuinely wants to create the best possible wedding pictures you can relax. You are in good hands when you find the right wedding photographer in Surrey.

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