2019; that went quickly!

Ah, 2019; that seems a long time ago, hey? Perhaps it wasn’t the greatest year globally, but I had some fantastic weddings!! I was fortunate enough to photograph weddings in both Italy and Greece, as well as many beautiful spots throughout the UK.

I am aware that I’ve bogged precisely one (1) wedding since my 2018 round-up, and I almost feel bad about that. The reason that I don’t is that my time has been split between shooting and editing the weddings of 27 wonderful couples, and doing some pretty solid parenting! Between these two wonderful pastimes, finding the extra hours to blog just doesn’t seem to happen. But worry not!! I’ve made another highlights slideshow! And I loves it :)

Huge thanks to all you lovely people that booked me, and also to my trusty second shooters from last year, who never let me down, and work tirelessly to add amazing images to every wedding I deliver. Can’t wait to get stuck into 2020, and start making images for my next year’s slideshow! Also, I’m definitely going to blog again before then – AT LEAST once…

Turn the sound up and enjoy!! Cx

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